FlashBelt 2009 & MN.swf Camp 2009: Peer-2-Peer Communication in Flash Player 10
Flash Player 10 introduced a lot of interesting features, but one of the lesser known features was the ability to do peer-to-peer communication. A new protocol (RTMFP) enables some basic peer-to-peer audio, video and data communication. This presentation will walk through the basics of peer-to-peer in Flash Player 10 and show how add collaborative functionality to the Shopping application that Jason is building in his session. View Presentation
Schematic Tecnology Summit 2008: Become a Better Developer
This presentation was given at the Schematic Technology Summit in Costa Rica in September 2008. It talks about strategies you can use to become a better developer. View Presentation
FlashBelt 2008: Distribution and Installation Strategies for AIR
Flash and Flex developers have been spoiled by the fact that most of our applications are distributed over the internet through the browser and Flash Player. We didn’t have to worry about installation or updates within an application. This session will walk you through the process of building a custom badge using Flex that handles the installation, update and launch of your AIR application from within a browser. We’ll also look at how to implement an update feature within your Flex AIR application so your users can always have the most recent version of your application. View Presentation
MN.swf Camp 2008: Slow Down
It’s been beaten into the heads of developers for years; faster is better. Why should developers be judged by how quickly they solve problems and not how well they solve problems? This presentation will analyze the problems with working to fast and why you and your team should slow down. View Presentation
FlashBelt 2007 & 360Flex 2007: E4X
E4X is the new way of working with XML in ActionScript 3. This session will be a good primer for anyone not already familiar with E4X or anyone that understands the basics but wants to see it in action.
360Flex 2007: ActionScript 3 Design Patterns
This presentation covered a few of the patterns that we wrote about in the book Advance ActionScript 3 with Design Patterns.
FlashBelt 2006: ActionScript 3 Design Patterns
A discussion of ActionScript 3.0 in the context of Design Patterns and advanced object-oriented design.
FITC 2006: Remoting with Flex 2 and ColdFusion
Remoting is getting an upgrade with the release of Flex 2. This includes an updater for ColdFusion 7. The upgrade will include a new AMF format with some new features and optimizations. This session will cover advantages of the new Remoting upgrade, installing the ColdFusion updater, and using Remoting with Flex 2 and ColdFusion. This session will use MXML, AS3 and CFML code in the examples.
FlashBelt 2005: XML in Flash
This presentation is a broad discussion of XML in Flash. It briefly covers an introduction to XML and using it in Flash, then it moves into XPath and finishes off with a look at E4X.
TODcon 2005: Creating a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) with Flash
While the use of web services has become more common since the release of Flash MX 2004, few developers are putting web services at the core of their architecture. This session will introduce how to use a Service-Oriented Architecture within the context of Flash development. The session will also show how to implement web services, discuss security issues and compare web service alternatives.