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Speaking at the 360 Flex Conference

I’ll be giving two sessions at the 360 Flex conference coming up on March 5th. The first will be an intro to E4X and how you can use it to make working with XML inside ActionScript much easier and more powerful. The second will be an overview of using Design Patterns within ActionScript 3 and Flex 2.

If you’re unfamiliar with Design Patterns, ActionScript 3 or using Design Patterns in ActionScript 3 this session would be great for you. You should also check out the book Joey Lott and I recently published titled Advanced ActionScript 3 with Design Patterns.

FITC and FlashBelt Presentations Posted

Yes, I’m a slacker and hadn’t posted my FITC presentation until just now. But to try and make up for it I’m posting my FlashBelt presentation the same day the conference got over. ;) They are up on my presentations page now.

FlashBelt was a great conference again this year. There were a ton of great presentations including two on Flex 2 by Mark Anders; and Dave Mendels gave an incredible keynote. (I have video, I’ll try and post it soon.) If you didn’t make it to FlashBelt this year you really missed out. Mark your calendars for June 2007!

AS3 Design Patterns @ FlashBelt 2006

I’ll be speaking at FlashBelt here in Minneapolis again this year. I helped Dave Schroeder organize many of the technical speakers this year. This is a great conference and me be the best Flash conference for the money ($390 for the full 3 days). I’m doing one session on Design Patterns in ActionScript 3. Joey Lott will also be doing a second session on the same topic and we’re collaborating on a Design Pattern workshop as well. Joey and I have a book on ActionScript 3 with Design Patterns coming out sometime this summer.