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Speaking at FlashBelt

I’m once again speaking at FlashBelt this year.  I’ll be speaking on the topic of E4X, the new technology for working with XML in ActionScript 3.  I gave a talk on XML at FlashBelt a few years ago and talked a bit about the future of XML in ActionScript including E4X.  Well, that future is finally here.

Patterson Consulting is also a development sponsor of FlashBelt this year.  Its a great conference and I’m glad to be able to participate.  See ya there!

Apollo Released on Labs

Apollo is the new cross-platform runtime from Adobe that allows developers to create desktop applications using Flash Player, HTML/JavaScript, and PDF technologies.

This release on Adobe Labs marks the first public pre-release for the Apollo product. Its an alpha release that means it is not full-featured. But the core Flash capabilities and some native OS integration is available.

Developers used to working with Flex in FlexBuilder can install the Apollo extensions for Flex Builder. This allows you to quickly create a Apollo project. This makes it very easy to build and compile an Apollo application.