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For the past few months I’ve been working with the guys over at Workface to develop their BusinessCard2 platform. BusinessCard2 is a fast growing social site that is focused on being your professional identity online. Simply go the and enter in your contact information to create your card. Then you can embed the card on your web site or blog, you can share it on a number of social web sites, and you can even sign up for the AdCast service where BusinessCard2 will actually purchase advertising space and push your card to a number of publishers on a cost-per-interaction basis.

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Trillian Astra Beta

I just got an invitation to join the Trillian Astra Beta and so far I’m very impressed. I’ve been a Trillian user for years and for me it’s always been the best way to manage my IM contacts across AOL, Yahoo, MSN, etc. Astra also adds support for Facebook and twitter, maybe I’ll start using those more now that they are in a familiar place for me. The main barrier for me not using Facebook or twitter much was because I didn’t want to constantly login to those sites or install a dedicated application. I always hated that about the old messenger applications when you had to have three different apps running. Looks like the Beta signup page is open for anyone, if you’re an existing Trillian users, I think you’ll really like this new version.

Become a Better Developer

I’ve been meaning to post this for a long time, but I hadn’t gotten around to it until now. Back in September (2008) I was invited by Schematic to speak at their Technology Summit that was being held in Costa Rica. It was a great location and it was fun to see all the great people from Schematic. I gave my presentation on strategies for becoming a better developer and I thought I’d post it on my presentations page just in case anyone else is interested in what I think.

Plugin Adpotion Rates

To anyone that has heard me talk about Silverlight vs Flash you know I think the true issue is with the plugin adoption rates. Here is the first attempt I’ve seen that compares Flash Player and Silverlight plugin adoption. I find it interesting that Microsoft doesn’t publish its plugin adoption like Adobe does. But I guess if my plugin was at 16% and the competition was over 95%, then I might not publish it either.

Adobe to Open-Source Remoting Code

Adobe just anounced its plans to open-source the remoting and messaging code found in Live-cycle Data Services.  The new project is called BlazeDS and is deployed as a J2EE application.  This is really huge.  There are many non-adobe or open-source projects to handle AMF remoting including classics like OpenAMF, but most don’t support AMF3 yet or are still in beta stages.

Along with this open-source project, Adobe also released its AMF3 specification.  This should allow the community to develop AMF3 solutions for other languages and platforms.  This is really great news for everyone and helps to move the AMF3 specification closer to mainstream.

Microsoft Surface Announced

Wow, Microsoft Surface looks really cool.  If its afordable (that’s a big if) I could see a future where this is a staple in many homes.  My wife and I always have a laptop in our living and surface would be great for collaboration.  It’ll be exciting to see where this goes.  My guess is that the price will be high and therefore you’ll only see it in commercial environments.