Patterson Consulting provides strategic leadership and expertise to companies creating rich internet applications. We have a proven track record of developing large-scale enterprise applications in Flash and Flex for some of the world’s largest companies. While our emphasis is in development, we also provide training and consulting services in the areas of Flex, ActionScript 3 and AIR development.

At most development companies you never know what level of developer you’ll get. You could very well be working with a Senior Developer in meetings while a team of Junior developers are hacking your project together behind the scenes. Patterson Consulting only works with the very best developers that thrive working on interesting projects both big and small. So you won’t have a junior developer creating costly bugs or learning how to code on your dime.

Danny Patterson, President/CEO

Danny Patterson

Danny Patterson is the Founder of Patterson Consulting and is considered by many to be a leader in the area of Flash and Flex Development. He published over 40 articles on RIA technologies and is a frequent speaker at industry confrences. He wrote the book Advanced ActionScript 3.0 with Design Patterns and he’s one of the authors of Flash 8 ActionScript: Training from the Source; both published by Adobe Press.

When Danny moved to Minneapolis he quickly got involved in the local Flash development community. He has spoken at FlashBelt, a local annual conference focused on Flash technologies, each year since moving into the area. He also immediately got involved with the local user groups. In 2006 Danny founded the area’s first user group (MN.swf) targeted toward programmers for the Flash Platform. The group has grown to become one of the most active groups in the area and Danny recently organized a one-day conference featuring local community experts called MN.swf Camp.