Speaking about Flash Development on Facebook

Flashbelt 2010I’ll be speaking at a couple confirences in the next six months on the topic of Flash Development on Facebook. The first conference I’ll be at is MN.swf Camp on April 5th. This will be a short 30 minute session that will introduce the concepts around developing a Facebook application and specifically putting Flash Applications within Facebook.com.

Then I’ll be giving a much more in-depth session at Flashbelt in June. This session will actually dig into some of the details and caveats of Facebook development. Patterson Consulting has been doing a lot of Facebook integration with our clients lately and we see this as an emerging market Flash developers.

2 thoughts on “Speaking about Flash Development on Facebook

  1. Mark Fuqua

    FWIW, I went to Flashbelt site and you are listed as presenting on About Flash Builder. You might want to get them to change that as Flash for Facebook as thet seems like a better topic to me.


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