using Flex to Distribute Business Cards

For the past few months I’ve been working with the guys over at Workface to develop their BusinessCard2 platform. BusinessCard2 is a fast growing social site that is focused on being your professional identity online. Simply go the and enter in your contact information to create your card. Then you can embed the card on your web site or blog, you can share it on a number of social web sites, and you can even sign up for the AdCast service where BusinessCard2 will actually purchase advertising space and push your card to a number of publishers on a cost-per-interaction basis.

The actual card is a 300×250 SWF so it can be distributed in a standard advertising slot. The SWF was created using Flex. It has a lot of functionality today, but we have even bigger plans for it in the future. Using the Flash Platform gives us the flexibility (pun intended) to expand the card with features like photos, videos and even real-time chat.

We built a WordPress Plugin to make it easy to embed the card on your blog and we also just launched a Facebook application that makes it easy to post your card right on your wall in Facebook.

The service just launched this past summer and we have a number of additional features planned to add additional content and functionality to your card. I encourage everyone to go and check it out. Here is my card:

One thought on “ using Flex to Distribute Business Cards

  1. Campbell

    Its pretty sweet :) Well done.

    If you hadn’t mentioned “but we have even bigger plans” I would have questioned the use of the flex framework though… (and its 250kb size) but with more coming it probably makes sense.

    Again well done. Ill be keeping an eye on this, as I have always wondered if someone could sort online business cards.


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