Adobe's Flex Builder rebranded as Flash Builder

As you may have heard, Adobe has decided to rebrand Flex Builder as Flash Builder to go along with the Flash Platform initiative. I actually think this is a really good idea. Flash Player has always been the platform and the vehicle that has allowed developers to deliver amazing experiences for years. Flex is a great framework that I personally use on 90% of my projects, but I don’t think the IDE (Flash Builder) should be limited to a single framework.

The only problem I have with the name change is that it doesn’t go far enough. When I say Flash, what is the first thing you think of? If you’re a Flash developer, you probably think of Flash Professional. This is an authoring tool that has been around for years and until Flex Builder it was our only “Adobe” tool for creating SWFs. It’s NOT a programming tool. Therefore most Flash programmers welcomed Adobe’s attempt at a real programmers IDE with Flex Builder. It isn’t perfect, but it’s better than any alternative. (Yes I’ve tried FDT, but I can’t live without the debugger.)

So my problem with the new Flash branding is the name of Flash Professional. This tool is based on a timeline and is geared toward designers. I personally think this should be renamed to Flash Designer. This would help reduce confusion for new developers to the Flash Platform and put clarity into the entire Flash product line.

5 thoughts on “Adobe's Flex Builder rebranded as Flash Builder

  1. Gabriela

    Flash IS a programming tool and it supports AS3, classes and OOP. It has a timeline too, but this is not a real problem. After 7 years developing FLash apps, I really don’t like all that MXML geared towards real programmers with pedigree. I find all those “divisions” incredibly (and increasingly) stupid.

  2. Gabriela

    I agree with this comment found in another blog too: ”
    flex is a great framework, and adds some much needed rigour to RIA development for flash, but its about time that flex developers truly accept that they’re flash platform developers just like the rest of us, and come into the fold :)

    flex builder is dead, long live flash builder!”

  3. Danny Patterson

    Gabriela, It’s not MXML that makes Flash Builder (formerly Flex Builder) geared towards programmers. It’s that fact that it supported basic IDE features and was built on an established open IDE platform (Eclipse).

  4. Danny Patterson

    Antti, I didn’t know FDT has a debugger. I know it didn’t at the time Flex Builder was first released. I used FDT for a couple years with AS2 development, but when Flex Builder was introduced, it blew FDT away. I haven’t gone back and evaluated it since I made the switch.


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