What is the future of ActionScript?

Ecma just recently announced that the long standing EcmaScript 4 proposal is dead in favor of focusing on the EcmaScript 3.1 proposal. According to the announcment, they will eventually work on EcmaScript 4 again, but under a revised plan. ES4 as we know it in ActionScript 3 appears to be dead. Specifically concepts like namespaces and packages will be dropped entirely.

So what does this mean for ActionScript 4? Will Adobe actually remove features to keep it compliant with Ecma?

Ecma has been split for a long time on the direction of EcmaScript. there are two camps, Microsoft has been pushing the EcmaScript 3.1 arguing that EcmaScript 4 is too much for the web (whatever that means). The other camp is lead by Mozilla and Adobe pushing for the evolution of EcmaScript with the ES4 proposal. I agree with the idea of EcmaScript Harmony. Ecma should be unified. But its unfortunate that the “standard” is now behind the ActionScript implementation.

6 thoughts on “What is the future of ActionScript?

  1. Ryan Stewart

    Danny, as Dave mentioned on his blog, we’re not going to be removing features from AS3 to keep it compliant. We’re marching forward with AS4 to make it a great language for developing powerful web and client-side applications.


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  4. epox

    it’s great that Adobe continues its plan with as, i’m sure MS will be in the wrong way in the turn of the corner, as always, at last i think most of the web community doesn’t likes their politics and software for web design and development.


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