Using Altova DatabaseSpy with SQLite and AIR

Since I’ve been doing more AIR development lately I’ve had a need to create and modify SQLite databases. I’ve used Microsoft SQL Server and its tools a lot over the years, but I haven’t used a wide variety of database programs. I’ve always been a big fan of Altova’s product line, so I thought I’d check out DatabaseSpy. This is their database editor and I must say I like it a lot. I sugest you try it out. Here is how I got it to work with SQLite:

1) Download and Install the SQLite ODBC Driver
You’ll need to connect to the SQLite database via ODBC and to do that you’ll first need this driver:

2) Create the ODBC Data Source
Go to “ODBC Data Source Adminstrator” under “Administrative Tools” (this is for Windows only, not sure how to do it on a Mac). Create a new Datasource under the User DS tab. Select “SQLite 3 ODBC Driver” as the driver you want to use. Name the DS and point to the database file.

ODBC Data Source Administrator

SQLite ODBC Configuration Dialog

3) Connect to the Data Source fro Database Spy
Open DatabaseSpy and click the Quick Connect button. Select the “ODBC Connections” option and the User DS tab. Then select the data source you just created and click connect.

DatabaseSpy Quick Connect to SQLite Data Source

4 thoughts on “Using Altova DatabaseSpy with SQLite and AIR

  1. Danny

    What else are you interested in? I’m far from a DBA, but I’ve found DatabaseSpy to be a solid tool for working with databases. I also like having a common interface for working with different types of databases.

  2. Andy

    Hey Danny,

    Can you drop me an email? We almost worked on a project a few years ago and I had a couple questions for you.




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