Microsoft Surface Announced

Wow, Microsoft Surface looks really cool.  If its afordable (that’s a big if) I could see a future where this is a staple in many homes.  My wife and I always have a laptop in our living and surface would be great for collaboration.  It’ll be exciting to see where this goes.  My guess is that the price will be high and therefore you’ll only see it in commercial environments.

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Surface Announced

  1. jonathan

    Ah Microsoft….
    Always ready market technology that doesn’t actually exist yet. :)
    Looks like a cool idea, however, I’m guessing the first apps are going to be pretty simple… find a store near a hotel, play music, etc. The stuff they were showing where the table recognizes which particular cell phone you put on it has to be pretty far away.

    Anyway, the demo site is pretty cool and actually a really engaging flash app. Guess silverlight just isn’t ready for this sort of thing yet. ;)

    – J


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