Making Flash Remoting Development Easier with Service Capture

About a month ago Kevin Langdon invited me to try out a new product he was building called ServiceCapture. It’s a program that runs as a internet proxy on your computer and displays Remoting and Web Service output. I’ve since found this to be an invaluable tool and I wonder how I ever did Falsh Remoting without it.

I recently published a free review of this product at Community MX. I highly recommend every Flash developer go and purchase a copy of ServiceCapture. Its only $34.99!

One thought on “Making Flash Remoting Development Easier with Service Capture

  1. Erick

    aah, wireshark is ereethal.take some time with it and you can setup filters so you only get the data you are interested in.a quick easy one is just to write http in the filter, hit just http traffic.or just amf traffic :http.content_type contains x-amf’theres plenty of predefined filters so you can learn the syntax without too much troublei still use service capture for most development but sometimes getting right to the details is invaluable.


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